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Cardinal Introduces First 6” Radius Corner Panel to Market

Since 1976, steel has been the heart and soul of the Cardinal business. While advancements in technology, manufacturing, and material availability have extended our product offerings into thermoforming, extruded plastics, Styrofoam cantilever coping, luxury spas, and more, steel remains as the backbone to Cardinal’s success. In almost 50 years of business, our continuous pursuit to seek out the most advanced software and technology have allowed our engineering and design to reach new heights and increased our production capabilities tenfold. Customization is the Cardinal way, and our newest product release is a prime example of taking customer feedback and overall industry interest and turning our high-quality steel into something tangible to satisfy that demand.

Our new 6” Steel Radius Corner Panel is the first to be released on the market. Available in G235 galvanized steel or ZAM corrosion resistant steel, the panels allow for ease of build and installation, and are manufactured to the same standard as all of Cardinal’s other trusted products to last the lifetime of a pool.

For starters, Cardinal’s innovation shines through as this was the first industry-leading product of its kind. The 6” Radius Panel decreases construction time by eliminating the assembly of small parts and use of hardware in tight spaces. It automatically lines up and squares the straight walls on the pool, with true a curved 6” radius versus the common diagonal inserts. For ease of ordering and accessibility, the 6” radius panel matches up seamlessly with our 6” radius coping corners, and each takes one linear foot off each wall.

Cardinal steel parts are made from the finest North-American sourced materials, and are proudly manufactured in the U.S with precise attention and care for durability you can count on. Customization is key, and we work to bend, shape, punch, engineer and build essentially any linear or freeform shape imaginable to bring a dream pool to life. Applying our expertise to the project of creating the 6” Steel Radius Corner Panel was a challenge accepted, and we are excited to continue to introduce it to Markets across the US.

Often imitated, never replicated, choose the industry-leading product from Cardinal that will help you build more pools this season. Cut down on build time with ease of installation and build with confidence knowing you’re receiving reputable and trusted Cardinal-quality steel. For more information on our 6” Radius Corner Panels, please contact a Cardinal Representative or Customer Service.