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PLEASE NOTE: Cardinal will be CLOSED Monday, May 27 in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. We will resume normal operations on Tuesday, May 28. For more information and orders, please contact Customer Service. We wish everyone a safe and relaxing long weekend!

Cardinal Pools

Step into the escape that a Cardinal pool can provide. Our variety of traditional and custom shapes are only the beginning of building a backyard masterpiece. All Cardinal pools can be tailored to fit essentially any environment, backed by 14-gauge galvanized steel walls for a structurally sound & durable foundation. With our pools, elegance and functionality always remain at the forefront.

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Rectangle Pools

Simple, spacious, and elegant, the Rectangle gives you the option of adding a slide or diving board to the deep end while maintaining a shallow wading area at the other.

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Grecian Pools

Add shape to the Rectangle with beveled edges provided by the Grecian shape. This classic, geometrically proportionate piece of Greek history will add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your landscape.

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Roman End Pools

One of the most popular traditional shapes in the swimming pool industry, Roman End is simply a Rectangle with half a circle at one end.

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Double Roman Pools

A Double Roman End allows for structured curvature at both ends of a pool. Generously proportionate with a classic sleek shape, this design aesthetically can provide a sense of elegance while functionally be enjoyed...

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True Ell Pools

The perfect shape to "separate" your space. Ideal for multiple entry ways, or a soft divide to keep pool features to their own sections. Plenty of room for sun and fun!

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Lazy Ell Pools

The Lazy Ell design adds the angle on the straight, providing a modern twist to a timeless classic. It features just enough skew for a unique look and movement to your backyard.

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Kidney Pools

Simple & elegant curvature to fit small and large spaces, the Kidney provides a soft sense of flowing movement to your backyard.

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Mountain Pond Pools

Simply, one with nature. Organic movement with unlimited potential for water features and additional pool elements can take this simple design to a luxurious new level. 

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Oasis Pools

The name says it all; Come home to an Oasis in your backyard. With a sense of carefree, relaxed motion through it’s free-flowing curvature, you’ll feel as though you’ve escaped away to paradise only...

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Lagoon Pools

A free form shape much like that of a natural body of water, the Lagoon will look as thought it always belonged as part of your landscape.

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Celebrity Pools

Truly, the star of the show for your backyard. This versatile design allows for the long, straight rectangle for swimming laps, diving, or slides, and also offers the free form style for lounging and...

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