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Cardinal Attends 2023 Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show

After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID activity, we were finally able to return to the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show held at the Atlantic City Convention Center, January 24-26. An exceptionally busy show, almost every booth space was sold out with an estimated 10,000 people in attendance. We were excited to share the best in our most popular products through our displays, and participate in discussions with groups from around the country on our expansion progress and future goals. 

The Cardinal Booth

This year we exhibited in a 20’ x 30’ space, highlighting 4 major display areas to showcase specific Cardinal products. Our displays included: The
Ultimate Pool Experience, Choose Relaxation: Luxury Spas,
Cardinal Information and Expansion, and a General Display that highlighted Cardinal Step options, Vinyl Liners, and Quaker Plastics Deck Drain.

All displays were created with the intention of allowing visitors to view our products as they would in a ‘building’ phase. This was to highlight our manufacturing processes, better explain installation techniques and procedures, and answer questions on how our products actually work and function before they are completed in a backyard. The Ultimate Pool was a 10’x10’ Round built onto a deck with one panel missing so Customers could walk inside the pool, view our information boards, and enjoy a more interactive walk-through experience as opposed to looking at ‘another filled pool’. The Luxury Spa was situated in a similar fashion, highlighting the areas Customers typically have questions on including the plumbing system and foam. Our Cardinal Information Display included a cozy patio seating area for more in-depth sales discussions, and a large 4-sided panel display with information on our products, Cardinal history, a tv with Cardinal videos, and updates on the Expansion. Lastly, the General Display area focused on all Cardinal step offerings including custom and standard steel steps, thermoplastic steps, modular steps, and drop-ins. It also showcased our vinyl liner selections and Quaker Plastics deck drain, both of which territories all over the country are showing peaked interest in once again.  

The Show

Our booth was bustling all 3 days with discussions and attendance from vendors, exhibitors, and general attendees alike. Among our group working the booth was the Cardinal Sales Team, members of Steering, Marketing, and Fox Pool US and Canada Team Members. Members of Customer Service, CAD, and Purchasing had the opportunity to visit the show as well, and meet and interact with Customers they work with on a daily basis. 

Through general discussions and the sheer number of people in attendance, it was obvious that the state of the industry seems to be trending upwards again for 2023. Most of our partners are hopeful that the stocking and building issues from 2022 are finally coming to a close, and most Distributors and Dealers are looking to get back into the swing of stocking their warehouses at a normal level and getting caught up on their pool build schedule. There was a great deal of interest in our Ultimate Pools and Steel Steps, and a renewed curiosity in Thermoplastic Steps and Vinyl Liners. We are looking forward to what the next few months will bring for Company sales and orders as the different markets begin to show demand for trending products. 

Thank You

We would like to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ and ‘Congratulations’ to the Teams involved for making the Atlantic City booth a reality this year, and working tirelessly to make the show a success. Thank you to our Marketing, Shipping, and Maintenance Departments for the months of planning, designing, building, and transporting all of the displays needed for the booth. Special thanks to our Sales and Steering members that worked the booth over the course of the 3 days and brought the Cardinal message alive. Most importantly we would like to thank our Customers and the attendees of the show that visited our booth, held great conversations with us, and inspired us to continue moving towards innovation in the future. Until next year!