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ZAM Corrosion Resistant Steel

What is ZAM?  Cardinal is proud to offer ZAM® 115– the most effective non-corrosive coating for steel panels in the industry. ZAM® is a hot-dip coated steel sheet that has a layer of Zinc, 6% Aluminum, and 2% Magnesium. The effects of magnesium and aluminum together allow our ZAM® coated steel panels to have excellent corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and formability.

How does it work?  Al and Mg in the coating layer of ZAM® combine to form a fine, tightly adhered zinc-based protective film on its surface as time passes. This protective film  suppresses corrosion of the ZAM® coating.

Why is it important?  ZAM® offers superior protection against corrosion on Salt Generator Pools, up to 5x's more effective than standard galvanization. It also offers increased protection when servicing areas with a high water table or acidic ground conditions. Customization of walls is still achievable, as sheet steel can be bent without the coating cracking on the edges. Cardinal ZAM® coated steel is covered by a lifetime, 1-time transferable warranty.

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Additional Information

Mechanism of corrosion resistance on cut edge. Corrosion resistance is achieved on cut edge parts by covering the ends with a zinc-based protective film that contains Al and Mg from the coating layer.

Superior to other like products. ZAM® ’s unique chemical composition of Zn, Al and Mg combines to form a firm coating layer. This unique coating develops thin film byproducts unlike that of competitors, that are remarkably corrosion resistant—even over cut edges.

Eco-friendly. ZAM® ’s corrosion resistance will allow customers to significantly reduce coating thickness which benefits the environment. Specifically, reducing coating thickness effectively decreases the amount of minerals mined from the earth, reduces harmful runoff dispersed into the soil, and reduces coating residue at steel recycling plants.

Protection on cut edges. When the ZAM® coating layer corrodes in the rain, Zn and Mg flow over the cut edge. These elements form a fine zinc-based protective film that helps ensure a long product life even against harsh elements.