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Modular Steps for the Modern Pool Owner

Customization is the Cardinal way, and our Modular Steps are no exception.

We want your customers to have the ability to build their dream pool, no matter the size and shape. This requires the flexibility and freedom to customize stairs, sundecks, and benches to meet a pool’s functional and aesthetic needs.

Understanding that each pool is unique to its landscape and customer, the Modular Step system allows for an extended entry way to fit essentially any pool width. Specifically designed with wider pool lengths in mind, the Modular Step can be installed on any side of a pool, with virtually endless customization possibilities when including sundecks or benches.

Here’s how it works: 2 corner pieces are chosen, a left and a right, followed by the appropriate quantity of middle sections to ultimately create an extended step module to fit a pool’s specifications. Available in solid or open-pour step options with a variety of designs available, a Modular Step is the ideal choice for an elegant entry experience.