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Ultimate Pool- Oval

Ultimate Oval Pools are available in multiple sizes to fit any landscape. The Ultimate Oval can be installed inground or semi-inground, submerged at least 16” into the ground. Oval pools require our 14-gauge steel, epoxy-coated buttress supports in addition to a concrete bonding ring for stability. All walls are made of 14-gauge steel with epoxy-powder coating for long-lasting protection from corrosion. Optional add-ons are available to fulfill the need for additional fun, style, and functionality.

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Sizes Available: 1524 (296 sq ft, 8,880 gallons), 1530 (383 sq ft, 11,490 gallons), 1530 (383 sq ft, 11,490 gallons), 1732 (480 sq ft, 14,400 gallons)

 All Ultimate Pools are equipped with necessary materials and manuals for a simple build process. Please note: All Ultimate Pools are NON-DIVING pools for safety (standard water depth is 4’).

Can I build a custom size?

Custom sizes are only available when changing the length by 3'. No steel appendages will be added to Ultimate Pools.

Are buttresses included with Oval Ultimate Pools?

Oval pools include buttresses for the straight walls at every panel joint. The buttresses are 18" wide at the base of the wall. Stair buttresses are also included.

Can I add stairs to my Oval Ultimate?

Ultimate inground pools offer a Quaker Plastics 8'5-Tread Radius Thermoplastic Stair option which is 48" high and includes a filler panel below the stair. Oval pools are designed for the stair to be located in the center end of the pool. Stock liners, wood, and panels are designed to accommodate this location.

Do Ultimates come with Skimmers/Returns?

One Skimmer/Return panel is located on the radius end of the Oval. This is the only location in which the Skimmer or return can be located. 

All Ultimate Pools come with 1 panel pre-punched for a regular size inground skimmer and return. Standard size skimmer and return included: Waterway Skimmer (540-8400) and return (400-9160B). Requested additional Returns will need to be field cut, not in factory. Additional Skimmers are available, but will include a complete skimmer/return panel.

Can I add lights to my Ultimate Pool?

Only small lights should be used in an Ultimate Pool. If a light panel is requested a Skimmer/Return/Light Panel will be substituted for the standard Skimmer Return panel. Typically, light holes are drilled by installer use a 3" hole saw, this allows for preferred placement. *Lights are not included.

Are top rail options available?

All pools come with your choice of pre-cut synthetic wood (Kona) with a double-track face mount "F" track, or Aluminum "Bendable Bullnose" Coping.

*If installing inground and using pavers or cantilever forms, the wood can be removed from the kit.

What items are always included for install?

18" Rebar is included for pinning down the panels and 12" Rebar is included to use as layout stakes. Water bond fittings are also included.

Can I choose a vinyl liner pattern for my Ultimate Pool?

The Sandbar Tile Liner is included with Ultimate Pools with the sidewall seam located in the Skimmer on non-stair pools, and in the center of the stair on kits with stairs. If ordering a different inground liner pattern, the standard liner should be deleted from the order, and a custom liner order will need to be placed with the Cardinal Liner Customer Service.

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