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Thermoplastic Steps

Thermoplastic Steps

Our thermoplastic stairs are flexible, strong, and built to withstand the elements. Not only is the strength built into the stair itself, every stair has a support system which is also set in concrete. The stairs are vacuum-formed from a single piece of ABS. Many shapes and styles are available in our Quaker Step Line, including contour, cantilever, in-wall ladder, leisure bench and corner. Thermoplastic Step models are available in White and Solid Gray (Solid Gray only offered in Cantilever).

Controlled Flexibility: All-plastic channels are permanently bonded to the underside of each tread, providing controlled flexibility. These patented, heavy-duty channels mean optimum strength while still allowing the stairs enough flexibility to withstand freezing and thawing.

Lock Down Bleacher System: The molded bottom shoes easily flip to the horizontal position and the stair is ready for installation. Precision-engineered leveling support posts and bottom shoes are permanently hinged at the factory to the Ridg-A-Dized support channel, strategically located under each tread. Leveling and support posts, along with the support shoes, are pre-drilled for rebars. Install rebar through holes, cover with concrete, and the stair is ready for final leveling before concrete hardens. Result: Level stairs with bleacher-type stability, strength, and support.

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Sizes Available: Please see the Plastics category of our Product Catalog for the most current thermoplastic models available.

Thermoplastic Stair Parts Kit and “Goodie Bag” are available to view by part no. in the Plastics category of our Product Catalog.