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Backyard Dip Series

A Plunge Pool Collection

The thought of owning a pool is often a dream, and remains a dream for today’s average Homeowner. It may be that your backyard is ‘too small’ or your budget won’t accommodate a standard pool. Perhaps your busy lifestyle doesn’t mesh with the longterm upkeep and maintenance that a large luxury item requires.

That may be too much, but an empty yard is not enough... right?

To today’s Homeowner, we hear you, we see you. You want a manageable space that you can unwind, and simply dip into after a long day. Our Backyard Dip Series is a plunge pool collection that offers luxury and paradise on a smaller, more manageable scale. Whatever it’s purpose–relaxation, exercise/rehabilitation, a gathering place, a peaceful escape... this collection will allow you to dip into what is meant for you.

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Choose Your Coping

Cardinal’s CR Coping

Cardinal’s HZ Liner Track

Choose Your Liner

(Listed 27 mil, full print patterns available only)

Sparkling Seas

White Diffusion

Clearwater Tan


Brilliant Blue Bahama

Blue Beach Pebble

Upgrade Your Experience

with a Cardinal Luxury Spa

Made with precision and the highest quality product coupled with state-of-the-art features, a spa addition can provide endless rejuvenation all year long. Our Standard and Spill-Over options allow you to choose the function and movement of your outdoor living space. Available in two sleek color variations, a Cardinal Spa is simply an extension of elegance to any pool.

Additional Information

Sizes Available: RECTANGLE- 8'x16', 10'x20', 12'x24' | OVAL- 8'x16' | OASIS- 9'x20'

** All shapes and sizes include a Poured Step.

All Plunge Pool Kits from the Backyard Dip Series Include: 54” high galvanized steel walls, Turnbuckle Braces, Versa Braces, 1 Skimmer Panel & 1 Return Panel, 27 mil Vinyl Liner, Choice of Cardinal’s CR or HZ coping (Autocover capabilities with no coping option)

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS/UPGRADES: Drop-In Deep End Bench (all shapes), Sundeck (Rectangle Only), Cardinal Luxury Spa


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