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Modern Moulding NOW AVAILABLE

Modern Moulding

Cardinal is a proud Distributor of Modern Moulding–  a leading manufacturer of cantilever coping styrofoam forms. The innovative system designed by Modern Moulding can cut hours off installation and cleanup time. With one of our offered coping kits, a standard pool can be set up and ready to pour in as little as one hour. Versatility is provided with a variety of profile designs, as well as installation capabilities for vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete/gunite pools.

Benefits of Styrofoam forms:

  • Forms wedge directly into liner track, leaving track clean of debris

  • No two-way tape required

  • Easy to install/replace

  • Can combine the forms onto existing Cardinal and Quaker shipments at no additional cost

  • This system uses reusable lock-in clips to hold the forms in place. These clips have an extended support to keep the forms from tilting when concrete is poured

For more information or to place an order for Modern Moulding products, please view our catalogs below, contact your Cardinal Representative, or click 'Contact Us' to inquire with Customer Service.

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Additional Information

Cardinal's Modern Moulding offerings include:

Coping Profiles for Vinyl Liner Pools, Fiberglass Pools, Concrete/Gunite Pools, Coverstar Automatic Cover for vinyl liner pools with flush lids, Coverstar Automatic Cover for fiberglass/gunite pools, APC Automatic Cover on vinyl liner pools with flush lids, APC Automatic Cover on fiberglass/gunite pools

Radius Corners, Clips, and Accessories (filament tape and clip remover)

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