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Cut and Weld

Cutting and welding is used to make angled transitions and odd corners that are unable to be bent. A non-bendable coping profile can be cut and welded in segments to create different radii.

Custom Fabrication and Coping Profiles

Cardinal is able to fabricate coping to meet almost any need, from free-form pools to odd plastic step kits to milling for water features. Cardinal has created many proprietary extrusions for customers. Coping is available in Non-Skid White, Tan, Gray and Dark Gray. Additional coping accessories and more on individual product no. available in the Coping & Liner Track category of our Product Catalog.

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Additional Information

Sizes Available: Bullnose Coping (PC, CB, CR, CP/C4, FC), Specialty Profile Snap Strip Coping (SS), Wood-Receiver Coping (CG), Stone Coping Support System, additional accessories

Coping profiles are attached to steel and polymer walls using self-tapping tek screws. Cardinal recommends placing these at intervals no greater than every 18”. There will be some extra length (coping) that will need to be trimmed in the field; this is the best way to ensure a proper fit for each job. Cardinal recommends using a miter saw, outfitted with an aluminum cutting blade for the most professional results. Cardinal’s coping is made from aluminum and will need to be properly bonded. Follow your federal, state, and local electrical codes to be sure that coping is properly bonded.