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Liner Care

Caring for a liner properly is essential for maximizing its lifetime in the pool. View some of our tips for basic maintenance to keep your liner healthy and pristine.

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Vinyl Maintenance Tips

• It is recommended that you hand-vacuum your pool for the max life expectancy of your vinyl liner.

• Automatic pool cleaners may cause liner damage such as: wear, pattern scuffing, or fading.  The damage caused by an automatic pool cleaner or any damage caused during the installation of liner is not covered under Cardinal’s Liner Warrant. Please be sure to check with the manufacturer of your automatic pool cleaner to establish compatibility with our liners and other accessories used in the operation of your pool.

• Use a soft cloth or a sponge and the pool’s water to wipe down the liner above the waterline to prevent any build-up of body oils and environmental deposits that may cling to the surface. This build up can cause premature degradation of liner. We recommend cleaning at least once a week even if there is no apparent build up, as it is not always visible.

Vinyl Maintenance Tips