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Cardinal Works SAFE – National Safety Month, 2022

Our Cardinal Teams always work safe when creating our high-quality products, and pay special attention to quality control to ensure all products leaving our buildings arrive to their final location as safe and precise as they left. During National Safety Month (June, 2022) our Safety Team put together weekly safety talks and instructions on topics relevant to our manufacturing processes. All Teams within Cardinal exhibited dedication to carrying through the safety practices for topics outlined, including:

  • Forklift & Pedestrian Safety
  • Hand Safety
  • Heat Safety
  • Injury Prevention

All employees were also given items weekly such as safety t-shirts, hats, temperature controlled lunch boxes, and water bottles to promote and unify safety best practices among all Departments. Part of our safety focus is overall health, so snack items were also provided each week to give employees energy to power them through (and cool off) during the warm summer days.

Safety remains at the forefront of everything we do. Continuous monthly tracking of safety goals and statistics within the Company are internally communicated so all employees know what to strive for. Monthly safety meetings are conducted company-wide by our Safety Teams to keep everyone up to date with the most important terminology, best practices, and OSHA policies that are relevant to manufacturing. Our Safety Coordinators are present on site daily to address concerns, facilitate reports, and stop hazards before they happen. We’d like to extend our appreciation to our Safety Team for putting together yet another successful annual Safety Month campaign.

Safety is all of our business, and we remain committed to proving this through the safe and reliable end-products we create.