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NOW AVAILABLE: The Backyard Dip Series

A Plunge Pool Collection by Cardinal

The thought of owning a pool is often a dream, and remains a dream for today’s average Homeowner. It may be that your backyard is ‘too small’ or your budget won’t accommodate a standard pool. Perhaps your busy lifestyle doesn’t mesh with the longterm upkeep and maintenance that a large luxury item requires. 

To today’s Homeowner, we hear you, we see you. You want a manageable space that you can unwind, and simply dip into after a long day. Our Backyard Dip Series is a plunge pool collection that offers luxury and paradise on a smaller, more manageable scale. Whatever it’s purpose– relaxation, exercise/rehabilitation, a gathering place, a peaceful escape… this collection will allow you to…

& Sizes


to match your style and landscape


Elevate the experience with a luxurious Cardinal Standard or Spillover Spa

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