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Z Poolform

Z Poolform

Z Poolform™ is a unique, reusable system that is the easiest and most economical way to finish your pool project with an attractive concrete deck. Easy to use, cost-effective, and time saving, the forms can be used with vinyl liner, gunite, and fiberglass pools. The three-part system consists of two PVC forms and a form liner that interlock for a safe, efficient, and decorative concrete finish. The eight-foot forms are available in straight lengths and notched pieces to accommodate almost any free-form style.

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Additional Information

Sizes Available: Cantilever Forms, Reusable Form Liners, and accessories categorized by Product no. in Z Poolform section of Product Catalog.

The base form fits easily into the liner track of a vinyl liner pool. The back piece snaps firmly on top of the base as a “backboard” for the concrete pour, assuring that no cement will leak into the liner track or onto the pool wall during the pour. The form liner is a flexible rubber insert that is grooved at the top so it will lock firmly into the back piece. The form liner is interchangeable to give you a selection of different edge profiles and textures to tie in with your hardscape design. Please see process differences for gunite and fiberglass pools in the Z Poolform section of our Product Catalog.